Autumn 22 Trends

PLAIN TANK TOP Our version, a plain black cotton top with small printed logo

BOMBER JACKET Wear with the Malibu Tie Dye Jeans

ALL PINK For a more a subtle version, check out our latest pink tie dye, available in sweat-shirtjoggers and hoodie

CROPPED We like to show some flesh with a simple cropped top and the sunrise joggers for a 90s look

Autumn 22 Trends

Baseball Cap

WHEN On a bad hair day, to complete an outfit, to protect from the cold/sun

WHICH ONE We love our classic logo baseball caps available in black and pastel, and the styles from Pucci and Missoni for a stronger statement.  


ISCHIA Travel Tips

SLEEP At hotel Casa Celestino in Sant'Angelo

EAT Pastas and seafood at Belmare Maronti Beach

DRINK Anywhere facing the sea

CHILL A day at Club Scannella to switch off from the rest of the world

VISIT Giardini La Mortella and the coolest cactus garden Giardini Ravino (and stop at their cafe/restaurant)

WEAR Bikind Tie Dye sarong, a plain tank top, and a pair of Rotate x havaianas. On repeat. 

(Club Scannella, Sant'Angelo, Giardini Ravino)

CADAQUES Travel Tips

SLEEP At Playa Sol for the beautiful views and back pool

EAT & DRINK At Set, any time of the day 

SHOP Bring back some local ceramics from Ceràmiques Joaquim Saló

CHILL Walk around the streets of Cadaques and jump in the sea from literally anywhere

VISIT Salvador Dali house is a must, and tickets need to be booked online

WEAR Evidently some tie dye jeans and a black t-shirt. And a basket bag.

Cadaques travel tips 

(Set, Cadaques by the sea, Dali's house)