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BIKIND was born from a desire to combine travel, fashion, colours and handicraft. All pieces have been either brought back from travels, handmade and supplied directly through the artisans, or handmade in London. 
Here are some information on who makes our products:
Jewelry pouches, Shoes, Skirts, Large Pouches, Home collection are handmade in India through our partner who has been working with underprivileged and marginalised artisans for many years, in order to support the empowerment of local communities with a particular focus on the role of women. 

    The non profit organisation provides the artisans with higher wages, as well as skill and free vocational training to create a sustainable development. Our pouches, for example, are made as a remunerated job for women having just received a sewing training. 

Tie Dye products were hand dyed one by one in London using Fruit of the Loom base items made in Morocco. In Morocco, Fruit of the Loom works with 4,300 locally-employed people and ensure the respect and wellbeing of their workforce with benefits including healthcare, dental care, training and transport. They also adhere to environmental and ethical standards trough different certificates and regular audits (more details on Fruit of the Loom ethical work can be found there:

Handbags (previously beaded bags, currently crochet bags) are handmade by women artisans in different countries working independently from their home (we have worked with women in Indonesia, Turkey and Bulgaria so far).

Most of the Jewelry pieces are handmade in London. 

Other pieces are made in various other places by other artisans, you should find some details in each product page.