We aspire to make a positive impact to the world with the production of our products ! To do so, all of our products are partially or completely handmade by artisans around the world, and using sustainable material as much as possible. 
We have partners in India, Indonesia, Portugal, UK, Italy, and we work together in promoting craftsmanship from around the world. 
Our own designs are mainly produced in India, where our partner, a non profit organization, ensures that strict Fair Trade standards are applied through the production process (including wages up to 30% higher and safe/healthy work conditions). To give you a little idea, when you purchase one of our products, you:
  • Support the empowerment of local communities, in particular the role of women
  • Help generate revenue to provide skill and vocational training, literacy classes and awareness workshops
  • Participate to the improvement of living conditions of underprivileged and marginalized artisans
So, we would like to THANK YOU for supporting their cause.